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Easy to clean and maintain
Synthetic teak is non-porous so even wine and fish blood are easily removed. Routine cleaning, as with any living space, will keep your deck looking its best. It may be pressure cleaned with a smaller power washer. DawnTM dish soap and Simple Green with water, with a stiff deck brush are effective and will remove most stains or spills. If needed, a gentle hand sanding with a 50-60 grit will remove any remaining marks.

Excellent non-slip surface
The non-skid characteristics are far superior compared to teak when wet. It also rival any fiberglass non-skid on the market today.

UV resistant
Synthetic teak contains the highest grade automotive grade UV inhibitors available.

Reduced noise and vibration
Synthetic teak is great for absorbing sounds and vibrations over engine hatches in the decks.

Synthetic teak can weigh between 1.3 - 1.2 lbs per square foot. Lighter material weight benefits in less fuel consumption.

Durability and Adhesion

With a one part urethane-epoxy hybrid flexible adhesive, it is applied with a trowel. It has excellent grip to an existing non-skid or a smooth surface. Durability is with out question outstanding as the material is existing on many passenger vessels with high traffic, without an problems.

Synthetic teak materials offer a 5 year warranty on their decks.