Have the look of teak without the maintenance

with Synthetic Teak.

Synthetic teak looks and feels just like high quality natural teak decking. The color is as natural as timber, and uniform throughout in thickness. UV protected colorant and built in "graining" are totally convincing. It is indistinguishable from its traditional wood forerunner, however, it features the kind of benifits that sophisticated scientific and production technology can provide.

With science in mind this pvc is a solid composite containing anti-fungal agents, and the highest grade automotive uv inhibiters in the composition. Synthetic teak has even been proven to with stand the most tropical extreme uv and heat conditions near the equator and continue to have the quality look of a newly laid teak deck.

Synthetic teak is made from recycled products, resulting in many positive points. It will also elimate your concerns of buying low quality farm raised teak or the very high priced rare rain forest grown teak that will require a lot of your valubale time to maintatin it.

Synthetic teak requires no oiling, staining, varnishing or scraping. If your time is valuable, your welcome to ask us how we can help you enhance the value of your vessel and give you more free time to enjoy it.